June 30, 2008

June 30, 2008

Sorry for the delay in posting. Our laptop crashed and we had to order a part to fix it. Jason took it apart to replace a part. It looked a bit overwhelming to see the laptop in so many pieces. With no problems, Jason put the new part in and had it all back together within 30 minutes and only had 4 screws left over:). And now the laptop works, good as new.

Jensyn and Jaysek will be 13 weeks old this week. They are both growing and getting bigger and more onery. We have a Dr. appointment this week, so we will know how much they are weighing now.

Mom had to improvise one afternoon. Jaysek and Jensyn both seemed to be "starving" at the same time.

Great Grandpa Bob holding Jaysek.

Great Grandma Sharon holding Jensyn.

One afternoon the kids were fussy so we sat them in their bouncy seats in front of the TV. They seemed pretty content watching Sponge Bob.
Do you know where he lives? He lives in a pineapple under the sea!! Sponge Bob Square Pants!

June 14, 2008


The kids are now + days old, there due date was June 11 so they are no longer preemies and are now newborns.

Jaysek just after his bath. He is up to 8lb 5oz.

Jensyn is weighing in at a whopping 6lb, 8oz

Mom & Jensyn

Jensyn with the help of dad dog piled her brother.

Great Grandma Bernita

With some convincing we talked Great Grandpa Raymond into holding Jaysek (actually I just made him sit down then dropped Jaysek in his lap). I think Jaysek liked it thou.

Ray and Jensyn. Now who is happy?

We went and visited Grandma Linda on her birthday.

Uncle Tyler and Jaysek

Great Uncle Bill & Jaysek.

There was a surprise birthday party for Grandma Linda at the Eagles. So the kids have now officially been christened to the Weiss and Greeley family. Uncle Bill had a beer to celebrate.

Once he got his hands on Jensyn Uncle Bill didn't want to share.

Great Aunt Cris and Jensyn.

Cris, Amanda and Jensyn

Great Aunt Janet held Jaysek while Kelsey and Kim looked on.

It was a little too hot and mom and dad were a little to tired, so the only thing the kids got to do at Pioneer Days was participate in the 3K walk with mom and Sarah.