October 31, 2008

Ashton's Birthday Party

This past weekend the babies and I rode along with Uncle Scott and Grandma Sharon to Columbus. We all went to help Ashton celebrate her 3rd birthday. Chris and Raenelle had invited family and friends over for the party.

Ashton blowing out her candle. What a great family pic!!!
Chris and Raenelle posing with Ashton and her very cute cake.
Happy 3rd Birthday Ashton!!!!!!!!!

October 29, 2008

Grammy Kathy's and Papa Rex's House

A couple weeks ago we went to Dad and Kathy's to watch a Husker game. Papa Rex and Jaysek watching the game.Grammy Kathy and Jaysek hanging out. Grammy Kathy with her two girls....
~Jaylea and Jensyn~

Grammy and Papa wanted their picture taken with all of the grandkids. They all cooperated briefly.
~Papa Rex with Jaylea and Jensyn~Grammy Kathy with Jaysek and Weston

Some Random Pics

Here are some random pictures from the last month. We have been very busy the last month so we don't have too many pictures. Hopefully we will have more to post soon.Jensyn and Jaysek loungin around.Jensyn and Jaysek having a serious conversation. What did I do now?

Mommy I didn't do anyting- I promise.

Jaysek is becoming a lot more mobile. He rolled himself under his bouncy chair the other day.

The next day he was trying to crawl into the exersaucer. He did make it all the way in. Then got really mad that he couldn't get back out.

Daddy and Jensyn taking a cat nap one evening. So peaceful...

October 24, 2008

Kearney Trip

This week Jason had some classes for work at the Holiday Inn in Kearney. The kids and I went along. One afternoon after class we decided to take the kids swimming. The Holiday Inn has a really neat pool area for kids. I'm sure the kids will love it when they are a little older. Mommy and Jensyn posing on the turtle.Daddy and Jaysek on the turtle.Mommy and Jensyn in the kiddie poolJensyn loved the water. She didn't seem scared at all.Daddy and Jaysek in the big pool.
Jaysek was a little unsure of the water at first but was enjoying it by the time we were done. Mom and dad even took turns going down the big water slides. What fun!!!

October 17, 2008

Estes Park

We took a couple days and went up to Estes Park after Jensyn's Cardio appointment in Denver. It was nice to get away for a few days. The weather was nice. Almost as nice as when we got married in Estes 3 years earlier.
We decided to try and take some some family pictures while we were in the National Park. This picture is actually taken on the dock where we were married 3 years ago. The colors in the park were amazing. The mountains in the fall are truly one of our favorite places to visit.


We took the stroller along with us. We loaded the babies up and strolled around Sprague Lake.

We also took along the pack carriers. Here is Jensyn and Daddy at the Alluvial Fan.
Jaysek and Mommy at the Alluvial Fan.While in the park we also saw several herds of Elk. We stopped to watch and listen to the males bugle. What a neat experience.

October 10, 2008

Jensyn's Heart Checkup

Today we made the trip to Children's in Denver for Jensyn's heart checkup. She did very well and we were told that her hole had shrunk by 1mm. The Doctor was not worried about it at all and said to check her in a year.

One of the fun things about Children's is the wagons to pull the kids around in. By the way, yes this is there first wagon ride.

All the wires for the EKG didn't seem to bother Jensyn at all.

Dad had to help the cute Echo Tech hold Jensyn while she did the test.

While we were in Children's, we made a visit to little Kye Terryberry. Look at this guy. He seems so happy, especially for just finishing this round of chemo. What a strong kiddo!!

We didn't want Trace to be felt left out so he got in on the photo shoot as well.

After we left the hospital, we meet up with one of the kids primary nurses from the NICU, Angie.

Everyone was happy to see one another.

October 3, 2008

6 Months Old

Jaysek and Jensyn are 6 Months old! They are both changing so much everyday. I am so glad that I get to be home with them everyday to witness their changes.

Jaysek is now weighing around 16# and Jensyn is now around 14.5#. They are both now on Soy formula and seem to be doing well. They have both been eating cereal and we have now started a few fruits and veggies. They both seem to like the new foods. They are both rolling over and trying to scoot them selves on the floor. They both love to stand up(with help of course) and both are talking up a storm. Mommy and daddy just love to listen to their "stories". And the best part yet is that they have been sleeping through the night for about the last month. YAY!!!

Next week we head to Denver for Jensyn's Cardiologist appointment at Children's Hospital. They will check out her heart and see if she still has the ASD(small hole in the atrial of her heart) that she had when she was born. Hopefully it has grown shut and we won't have to do anything about it. We will let everyone know what we find out.

The following Monday the twins have their 6 month check up in McCook. They will get their 6 month shots at this appointment. OUCH! Hopefully after that we won't have to see any Dr's for a while.

We will have some more pictures to post soon!