October 29, 2008

Some Random Pics

Here are some random pictures from the last month. We have been very busy the last month so we don't have too many pictures. Hopefully we will have more to post soon.Jensyn and Jaysek loungin around.Jensyn and Jaysek having a serious conversation. What did I do now?

Mommy I didn't do anyting- I promise.

Jaysek is becoming a lot more mobile. He rolled himself under his bouncy chair the other day.

The next day he was trying to crawl into the exersaucer. He did make it all the way in. Then got really mad that he couldn't get back out.

Daddy and Jensyn taking a cat nap one evening. So peaceful...

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Peyton's Place said...

Ok, I LOVE the pic of them 'having a serious convo.' How funny! It really does look that way! You two have some CUTE kids!