October 3, 2008

6 Months Old

Jaysek and Jensyn are 6 Months old! They are both changing so much everyday. I am so glad that I get to be home with them everyday to witness their changes.

Jaysek is now weighing around 16# and Jensyn is now around 14.5#. They are both now on Soy formula and seem to be doing well. They have both been eating cereal and we have now started a few fruits and veggies. They both seem to like the new foods. They are both rolling over and trying to scoot them selves on the floor. They both love to stand up(with help of course) and both are talking up a storm. Mommy and daddy just love to listen to their "stories". And the best part yet is that they have been sleeping through the night for about the last month. YAY!!!

Next week we head to Denver for Jensyn's Cardiologist appointment at Children's Hospital. They will check out her heart and see if she still has the ASD(small hole in the atrial of her heart) that she had when she was born. Hopefully it has grown shut and we won't have to do anything about it. We will let everyone know what we find out.

The following Monday the twins have their 6 month check up in McCook. They will get their 6 month shots at this appointment. OUCH! Hopefully after that we won't have to see any Dr's for a while.

We will have some more pictures to post soon!

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Peyton's Place said...

I'll be thinking of Jensyn during her appt in Denver! Hope all goes well & am sure it will. I know I keep saying this but I honestly can NOT believe they're already 6 months! Doesn't seem possible! They are both such ADORABLE babies!

BTW - Love the new background too! Cute!