August 27, 2008

Wii Tourny

Saturday was a busy day. Jason worked in the morning until noon. After lunch Jason's dad came down and we went with him to McCook to buy a new TV. When we got home, Jason's brother Calvin came down to visit. Calvin grilled us steaks, corn, and potatoes for supper. Yummy!! Thanks Calvin. After supper, Jason, Calvin, and the kids and I went over to Russel and Karla's for a Wii tournament. The guys are really getting into the Wii thing. They are just like a bunch of kids with a new toy. :) Jason and Russel boxing.Jason and Calvin boxing it out.Paige and Calvin boxing. (I think Paige won this match!)Lisa and Karla boxing.Karla and Russel duking it out.

Paige holding Jaysek. Paige just loves the babies and always wants to hold them and kiss them. What a great helper! Kari helped keep Mr. Jaysek entertained while the boys played Wii.
Cutie, Miss Paige wearing a hat of Russel's. Mr. Karson strutting his stuff in one of Russel's hats.

Date Night

Jason and I had a "Date Night" on Friday night. Jason let me decide what I wanted to do. I decided to go out to dinner then a movie in McCook. Dad and Kathy came to Palisade to watch the kids. Thanks Grammy Kathy and Papa Rex! I chose to to go to the new Mexican restaraunt, La Puerto and then we went to the movie Mamma Mia! What a GREAT movie musical. The music is all ABBA's greatest hits, which is just fun in itself. Jason was not that excited to see it, but he actually enjoyed it alot. It is very funny and the music was great. We would defintley recommend it! Hopefully we can have a "Date Night" again soon.

August 23, 2008

BBQ with Friends

Last Tuesday we went to Dave and Jackie Brown's, south of Champion, for a BBQ with some good friends we hadn't seen in a while. Jason's friend Chad was back from Dallas for a visit so everyone got a chance to catch up. The weather was great, so we were able to hang out on the patio. It was great to see our friends and get to hang out and meet each others kids. Chad and Melissa Deyle and their 2 month old daughter Ella. Ella is such a beautiful little girl with loads of dark hair.
Here Wayne, Chad, and Dave are solving the worlds problems over a drink.
Jackie, Chad and Melissa are being entertained by Dave and Jackie's daughter Mila.
We finally got Chad to hold Jaysek. He did great.
Here the kids were hanging out in the kitchen. Jaysek and Jensyn are on the left and the cute little guy on the right is Wyatt, Wayne and Chris Krausnick's son.
Thanks Dave and Jackie for having everyone over. We had a great time. We definitely need to do it more often.

August 15, 2008

Weston and Jaylea's Birthday Party

Last Saturday we headed to McCook to Jeremy and Jen's to celebrate Weston and Jaylea's birthdays. Jaylea turned 1 on July 23rd and Weston turned 4 on August 8th. It was a nice afternoon so we all were able to hang out outside on the deck and in the yard. The guys had a great time playing Ladder Ball. What a fun game!!Grandpa Rex and Weston are having a little one on one time in the yard.Weston had a ball opening his presents. His friends had fun helping and playing also.Grandma Ila and Aunt Sandi made the long trek out to McCook on Saturday. They were glad they got to be there for the birthday party and they got to see Jaysek and Jensyn for the first time. Grandma Ila holding the twins.Aunt Sandi holding the twins.Grandma Sharon holding the twins.

Grandma Ila got to have a little bonding time with Jensyn while we sat out on the deck.

Grammy Kathy, Jaysek, and aunt Sandi were watching the boys play ladder ball in the yard.

August 14, 2008

4 Months Old

Jensyn and Jaysek are now 4 months old. We can hardly believe it. They are both doing great and getting bigger and bigger. We had a Dr. appointment on Tuesday and they both checked out great. Jaysek weighs 12# 2 oz and Jensyn weighs 10# 9 oz. We also got our 4 month shots. They did great! They are both smiling a lot and cooing. They also get to start eating rice cereal and both seem to like it. Before we know it they will be on the move. What will mommy do then?

August 4, 2008

The NICU Party

The weekend of August 2nd, we made the trip back to Denver to attend the NICU(Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) party. Every year the nurses in the University of Colorado Hospital NICU put on a "Preemie" Party. They send invitations to every child that has been in the NICU over the past 20 some years. It's an event which allows the nurses to see the little ones that they have cared for over the years all grown up. It was great to see all the kids running and playing knowing that most of them had a rough start in the NICU.

Here is a picture of the picnic in the park near the hospital. You can't really tell from this picture but there were hundreds of parents, kids, nurses, and doctors at the picnic.
There was all sorts of activities for the kids to do. One of them was the big bouncy house you see in the background. They also had lots of games for the older kids to play.
They also had this fun train for the kids to ride in. I don't think it stopped the entire time we were there. The kids at the party seemed to love it.
One of the kids' favorite things at the party was this crazy guy. He had all sorts of snakes and spiders that he took out and showed the kids. I don't know if you can see it or not, but there is a snake crawling out of his shirt. YUK!!!
While we were at the party, we got to see several of the twins nurses. Here is one their primary nurses Veronica holding Jaysek.
Here is Veronica holding Jensyn. She was very excited to see how big the twins have gotten.

Here is another of our primary nurses, Janet. She couldn't believe how great the kids looked and how much they have grown. All of the nurses are looking forward to seeing the kids at next years party!! I guess that means we have to go! :)

Miss Jensyn looking cute in her lady bug outfit and hat.

Mr. Jaysek stylin in his cute floppy hat.