August 15, 2008

Weston and Jaylea's Birthday Party

Last Saturday we headed to McCook to Jeremy and Jen's to celebrate Weston and Jaylea's birthdays. Jaylea turned 1 on July 23rd and Weston turned 4 on August 8th. It was a nice afternoon so we all were able to hang out outside on the deck and in the yard. The guys had a great time playing Ladder Ball. What a fun game!!Grandpa Rex and Weston are having a little one on one time in the yard.Weston had a ball opening his presents. His friends had fun helping and playing also.Grandma Ila and Aunt Sandi made the long trek out to McCook on Saturday. They were glad they got to be there for the birthday party and they got to see Jaysek and Jensyn for the first time. Grandma Ila holding the twins.Aunt Sandi holding the twins.Grandma Sharon holding the twins.

Grandma Ila got to have a little bonding time with Jensyn while we sat out on the deck.

Grammy Kathy, Jaysek, and aunt Sandi were watching the boys play ladder ball in the yard.

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Klumpe Klan: said...

Their hats are soooo cute! Love them!