February 1, 2011

Play Time

Here are some playtime pictures from the month of January. 
We had an indoor camp out one morning in the living room.  They love their sleeping bags!!!

Jason was hollering at me to come down stairs to see something. 
When I got to the top of the stairs this is what I saw.

From the bottom of the stairs.  Little Stinker!!!!

One day this week, I watched a friends little girls for the day.  Jaysek and Jensyn loved having someone to play with!! Jaysek and Jensyn with Peyton and Taylor on the trampoline.
Peyton, Taylor, Jensyn, and Jaysek having a snack.

Last Thursday and Friday were so nice that we got outside to enjoy it.  The kids love riding their scooters!!!

And they love to ride their bikes FAST!!!!

And they love to play in their "house" and slide!!!!

 All I can say is "Hurry up Spring"!!!!  We had so much fun outside in the fresh air!!!!

Roller Skating

 A couple of weeks ago we got invited to go roller skating with some friends for their daughter's birthday.  We weren't sure if the kids could/would skate. The rink ended up having some toddler skates that went over their shoes.  We all got our skates on and we were off and rolling!!!! 
Starting off the afternoon....

Jaysek took right to skating.  It wasn't long and he was skating all by himself!!!

Jensyn did not love skating at first, but by the end of the afternoon she was skating all by herself.  And loving it!!!

They even did the limbo!!!