January 18, 2011

Making Christmas Cookies

Before Christmas we spent one Sunday afternoon baking Christmas cookies.  The kids helped mommy and daddy cut them out, then mommy frosted and decorated them. 

On Christmas Eve morning Jaime and the kids and Raenelle(Jaime's cousin) and her girls spent the morning with their Grandma Sharon baking/decorating christmas cookies.  It was a trip down memory lane for Jaime and Raenelle.  When they were young they would go over before Christmas and make cookies, have hot chocolate, and help Grandma Sharon decorate her christmas tree.  They thought it would be fun to continue the tradition with their kids.  I think it's safe to say that everyone had a good time!!!

Taking turns decorating.

Grandma Sharon cutting out cookies.

The kids enjoying all their hard work.

Grandpa Bob~Jensyn~Jayek~Grandma Sharon~Ashton~Raenelle~Brylee


Christmas is alway a busy time for us.  And it doesn't seem like things have slowed down much after the holidays.  Here are some pics of all of our Christmas'. 

Christmas Eve with Papa Don and Uncle Calvin

Christmas Morning with Nana Linda

Pistol packing Princess!!!

Christmas with Papa Rex and Grammie Kathy

Jaysek trying out his new ride!!!

Christmas With Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sharon

Christmas with Grandpa Rick

Christmas at Home

Jaysek and his new tool bench.  Now he can "help"daddy!!!

Jensyn and her new baby center.  Now her "babies" have everything they need.