August 25, 2009

Play Time

The months of July and August have been busy here at the Weiss household. We haven't taken many photos, but the one we have are pretty funny. Jaysek and Jensyn love to take the sheets and blankets out of the drawer below Jensyn's crib. They love to play with the sheets. Jensyn puts them on her head and tries to walk around.Jaysek likes to wear them like a cape.Jaime decided to try putting the toys in the drawers instead of the sheets. This is what happens now. They pull the drawers out and climb on in!!We had fresh sweet corn one night for supper and we gave Jensyn her own ear to see what she would do. She loved it!
Jaime went to get something in the kitchen one morning and walked back into the bedroom to find this. Jaysek had a Desitin beard!!! He had climbed up on the dresser and got the lid off the Desitin and managed to smear it all over his face. He was pretty proud of himself.

August 24, 2009

Weekend Canning Fun

This past weekend we decided that we better do some more canning. Grandma Linda kept the babies so mom and dad could get some things done. Saturday we canned 26 pints of peaches and 4 pints of homemade sauerkraut. Sunday we canned 13 quarts of Salsa, 5 quarts of tomato juice, and 7 pints of tomato sauce. Needless to say that we were worn out by the time that Sunday night rolled around. Here are a few pictures from Sunday. The pile of tomatoes we started with.

Jason was using our meat grinder to grind up the tomatoes for the tomato sauce. We had almost all the bowls in the kitchen dirty and a big mess when we were done. The finished project is worth it though.

Here is all the finished product.