June 24, 2009

Summer Swimming Fun

With the temperature reaching 103* today, we thought it would be a good day to break in our pool. The kids enjoyed playing in the water and splashing around.

On Father's Day, we took the kids to the Palisade pool. They didn't' really enjoy it at first(the water was a little chilly), but they relaxed a bit later on.

4 Wheelin'

A couple of weeks ago we went out to the farm to visit Grandpa Don. Grandpa decided to give the kids a ride around the yard on the 4 wheeler. I guess I can't say that they loved it but they weren't screaming so that was a good thing!!!
Grandpa and Jensyn Grandpa and Jaysek (Look at Jaysek's cool hair do!!!)As usual, Jaysek is messing with the "toy" and Jensyn is concentrating on the dog.
Jaysek is going to be the kid taking everything apart and Jensyn is going to be our animal girl!!!

June 18, 2009

I'm Walking Too!!!!!!

I'm walking too!!!!! Jensyn started walking about 2 weeks ago. Things just keep getting more interesting around our house. We say that we have a couple of monkeys running around and climbing on EVERYTHING. Here are some cute pics of her walking. She has such cute and funny expressions.

June 1, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

Last Saturday afternoon was a hot one. We decided to let the kids try out the sprinkler to cool off. Jaysek LOVED it!!!! He was in and out of it and was laughing and giggling the whole time. Jensyn tested the water but was not a huge fan.

Em joined in the fun too!!!!!!