February 25, 2009

Bath Time

Jaysek and Jensyn LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bath time!!! They love to play and splash around.Isn't this little bunny cute?
This is the cutest puppy we've ever seen!!!

February 11, 2009

Jensyen and Jaysek, So Cute

I just had to share this pic. I love the looks on their faces.
They were so excited to see Grammy Kathy and Papa Rex.
"We're cute and we know it!!!! "

Funny Funny Jaysek!!

This post is dedicated to Jaysek. Our funny, funny, Jaysek. He is on the move constantly. Still crawling, but pulling himself up and walking around furniture. The boy doesn't sit still. Here are some great pics of Jaysek from the last couple of weeks. He loves to crawl into the toy basket and is pretty proud of himself when he gets it accomplished.
Look at me mommy!!!
I look just like my daddy!!!
Aren't they cute?!? Jaysek has started to "walk" with the help of this walker.
I guess more accurately, he almost runs. It's pretty comical to watch him go.

Jaysek hasn't figured out what to do when he runs into something. He just keeps ramming it into whatever he has hit. He does it over and over and over. It's hilarious.