February 11, 2009

Funny Funny Jaysek!!

This post is dedicated to Jaysek. Our funny, funny, Jaysek. He is on the move constantly. Still crawling, but pulling himself up and walking around furniture. The boy doesn't sit still. Here are some great pics of Jaysek from the last couple of weeks. He loves to crawl into the toy basket and is pretty proud of himself when he gets it accomplished.
Look at me mommy!!!
I look just like my daddy!!!
Aren't they cute?!? Jaysek has started to "walk" with the help of this walker.
I guess more accurately, he almost runs. It's pretty comical to watch him go.

Jaysek hasn't figured out what to do when he runs into something. He just keeps ramming it into whatever he has hit. He does it over and over and over. It's hilarious.


Bley's Blog said...

Kendra had that same walker, and she would run everywhere with it....and she would also crawl into the basket on the front and sit in it. :) They are so cute.

Nana Linda said...

Oh Jason and Jaime you had better get those roller blades out because you are going to need them to keep up with those two. I can't believe how well they are doing and how cute they are.

Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Hey! I was gonna' let you know - if you want another one just like that walker (for Jensyn), let me know. I have one! You can use it, at least until Sawyer needs it. ;o) Cute, cute, cute kiddos!!