August 27, 2008

Date Night

Jason and I had a "Date Night" on Friday night. Jason let me decide what I wanted to do. I decided to go out to dinner then a movie in McCook. Dad and Kathy came to Palisade to watch the kids. Thanks Grammy Kathy and Papa Rex! I chose to to go to the new Mexican restaraunt, La Puerto and then we went to the movie Mamma Mia! What a GREAT movie musical. The music is all ABBA's greatest hits, which is just fun in itself. Jason was not that excited to see it, but he actually enjoyed it alot. It is very funny and the music was great. We would defintley recommend it! Hopefully we can have a "Date Night" again soon.


sixbehrs said...

You guys certainly need to do that whenever you can!!! Being parents of twins makes you extra deserving of that!! I'll have to try that restaurant.

Gama Linda said...

Just let me know when you want me to come down and baby sit again. It was so much fun the first time and I think I can do it again, just any time. I have lots of stories to tell them.

Gama Linda