August 27, 2008

Wii Tourny

Saturday was a busy day. Jason worked in the morning until noon. After lunch Jason's dad came down and we went with him to McCook to buy a new TV. When we got home, Jason's brother Calvin came down to visit. Calvin grilled us steaks, corn, and potatoes for supper. Yummy!! Thanks Calvin. After supper, Jason, Calvin, and the kids and I went over to Russel and Karla's for a Wii tournament. The guys are really getting into the Wii thing. They are just like a bunch of kids with a new toy. :) Jason and Russel boxing.Jason and Calvin boxing it out.Paige and Calvin boxing. (I think Paige won this match!)Lisa and Karla boxing.Karla and Russel duking it out.

Paige holding Jaysek. Paige just loves the babies and always wants to hold them and kiss them. What a great helper! Kari helped keep Mr. Jaysek entertained while the boys played Wii.
Cutie, Miss Paige wearing a hat of Russel's. Mr. Karson strutting his stuff in one of Russel's hats.

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