September 28, 2008

First Husker Game

Saturday night a group of our friends got together to watch the Husker game. This was Jaysek and Jensyn's first official Husker game. I think that they liked it. I'm sure they would have liked it more had the Huskers had won, but oh well. Maybe next game.Jensyn hung out with mom for the first part of the game.
Jaysek and Gary became best buds. Gary was telling Jaysek all about the game and what was going on. Jaysek had a ball.
Here's mommy and here two little Husker fans. Aren't we cute?


Klumpe Klan: said...

How cute! - Wish I could have been there! Love the outfits!

Anonymous said...

Perfect pictures, Jaime! You look smokin' with your babies :)
Thanks! Stacy