September 26, 2009


A few weeks ago the kids had doctor appointment in Denver. After their appointments we headed to Fort Collins to see some friends. The next morning we did some shopping, ate lunch, then headed to Estes. We love the mountains this time of year!!!This is a pic of Jason and I on the same dock that we were married on 4 years ago. We seem to make it back to this spot every year around our anniversary. It's our annual pilgrimage!! We were able to get a couple of fairly good family pics while we were there. The kids loved playing on the dock.

Jaysek loved "exploring" down by the water. A few seconds after this pic was taken, he decided to wade in the water.

September 9, 2009

Children's Hospital Appointments

Last Thursday we made the trek to Denver for the babies checkups at Children's Hospital. Jensyn had an appointment to check her heart and Jaysek had an appointment to check his eyes.
We also went over to University Hospital(where the babies were born)and visited with some of the nurses that the babies had while in the NICU there. It was a very weird feeling to walk down the hall to the NICU again. It was as if we had never left. We had a great visit with the nurses and they were all excited to see the babies and how big they have gotten.
Jensyn is getting her EKG. She did really well. Mommy just had to hold her hands so she didn't pull on the cords.
Jensyn's appointment was to check to see if the hole in her heart(ASD) had gotten smaller or closed. The Dr. listened to her heart and looked at the results of the EKG and told us she didn't think we needed to do an echo this time. Everything looked and sounded good. She said since Jensyn has not shown us any signs of having problems that she didn't need to come back for 2 years at which time we will do an echo and see if the hole in her heart has closed completely.
What great news!!Jason was feeding the kids a snack and reading to them to keep them entertained while we waited for the doctor to see Jaysek.
Jaysek did really well with his appointment also. His appointment was to checkout a lazy eye that had been noticed by our regular eye doctor several months ago. He had to have his eyes dilated then wait to see the doctor. The doctor found that he may have a slight issue with a lazy eye possibly when he is really tired or run down, but he didn't see it being a problem right now. The doctor did say he was maybe a little farsighted but that we didn't need to do anything about it at this time. He said to have him checked by our regular eye doctor in a year.
More great news!!! The kids got to ride around the hospital in style. They love to ride in the wagon!!!Jaysek in his cool shades. Because he had his eyes dilated, the sun really bothered him. They gave him these cool shades to help.
Precious Cargo!!!