November 5, 2008

Halloween Fun!!

Halloween was alot of fun this year. I have to admit that I love Halloween. It is probably one of my favorite holidays. I am sure that I enjoyed the babies' costumes more than they did, but they were troopers. Here is Jaysek all dressed up. He was the cutest monkey I have ever seen. What a fitting costume, because he is our little monkey boy.Here is Jensyn as a Giraffe. Isn't she adorable?!

The babies were all loaded up and ready to go trick or treating. Don't they look excited? :)We went trick or treating with Shad and Nicole and Kreyton. What a nice evening to be out and about. Kreyton was dressed up like a mummy. He was so cute. This picture doesn't do his costume justice.


Klumpe Klan: said...

They were all soooo very cute, love the pumpkin pictures too!

Love YA

Peyton's Place said...

Awww, yep - it's confirmed... CUTEST little monkey & giraffe EVER!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Jaime your so sweet! Thank you for putting up with my home-made costume disaster and for making our Halloween so fun!