April 2, 2009

Jaysek and Jensyn are 1 year old!!!!!

Jaysek and Jensyn are 1 year old today!!!! We can hardly believe that it has been a year. This has kind of been an emotional week. We have been thinking back to last year at this time and remembering how sick I was and all the emotion and worry that we had surrounding the babies 10 week early birth. But we look at our little iddy-biddy's now and you would never guess that Jaysek was 3#6oz when he was born and Jensyn was 2#14oz. They are now over 20#!!

They are both beautiful, silly, and very active babies. Their personalities are really starting to shine. Jaysek is on the go all the time. He rarely sits still. He has 3 teeth with one on the way. He walks with his push walker and has started to take a couple of steps on his own. Watch out world when he starts walking!!! He is also a climber. He can climb the stairs, climbs onto stools, climbs through the banister so he can climb the stairs. Did I mention that he likes to climb the stairs. We have a gate to block them off but he still manages to get through. Nothing is safe. He also has the most beautiful blue eyes and a smile and laugh that are contagious!!!

Jensyn is on the go as well. She walks with the walker as well and once in a while she will stand on her own. She has 2 teeth in and working on her 3rd. She loves music and when she hears it she claps and almost dances along. It is very cute. Her personality has really changed over the last couple of months. She has the funniest facial expressions and her laughter makes Jason and I smile. Beyond everything else, she is her Daddy's girl. She has been from day one. The connection they have is awesome to watch.

Here is Jaysek in a suit that Jason wore for his 1 year picture. Linda brought this down a while ago, so I thought we would take some pictures in it. Hopefully soon I will get the picture of Jason in this suit as well. I want to post them side by side so everyone can see how much Jaysek looks like his daddy. It is kind of eiree!!

Here is Jensyn in her pretty Easter dress.

We will post some birthday party pics later. Stay tuned....................

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Kim Ryan said...

They are just darling, guys. Congrats on making it through the first year. It was a whirlwind with one, I can only imagine with 2.