January 6, 2010

Christmas with the Sjuts'

New Years day we headed for Columbus to spend some time with Jaime's Grandma Ila. It was great to be there and spend time with family. This was the first time,in a long time, that all the cousins and their kids were under the same roof. I think everyone had a great time. Here is our annual "fireplace" pic. The kids were not being very cooperative for the picture taking process.
Uncle Bob and Uncle Dave were swinging the kids. Jaysek and Jensyn had a great time playing with all their uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Jaysek had a blast playing with Aunt Lynn.

Jaysek loved playing with his cousin Brooklyn's barbies. (His daddy was so proud!!!)
The massive shoe pile by the front door.

Weston and Jaylea opening presents.Jaysek loves the ribbons!!!Grandma Ila and all her grandkids. Grandma Ila with all her grand kids and their spouses.

Grandma Ila and all her great grandkids(and their parents). We didn't think we could get all the kids to sit by themselves.


Anonymous said...

Great pics, Jaime. Glad you were able to be with all sides of your family since the weather was so icky.


Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Love all the updates! The pic with all your kiddos just cracks me up. Must've been naptime huh? ;)

Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas with LOTS of family! That's wonderful!