May 3, 2010

The Swing Set!!!

Saturday we went to North Platte and bought a swing set for the kids. Or I guess better to say that we bought the pieces for a swing set. Jason spent all day Sunday putting it together. Jason's dad came down and helped as well. Thank you Don!!! Jason and Don working so diligently.
Things are starting to take shape. Jaysek is "helping".

The slide goes on.

This is the "melt down" that happened when Daddy and Grandpa Don were not attaching the slide fast enough!!!

Now we slide!!!

Now time for some swinging.

The finished product. Jason and Don did great work and the kids love it!!!

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Anonymous said...

good job. They will have lots of fun on it. Jason I know how well your dad is at building things, LOL so job well done. Nana Linda