June 2, 2010

A Scary Night

Saturday, Jaysek was starting to come down with a cold. Sunday he was a little worse. He was coughing quite a bit and started to run a fever. Sunday night around midnight he woke himself up coughing. And he wasn't breathing very well. He was very upset and crying, which made his breathing and coughing much worse. We decided to load him up and take him to the ER in McCook. They gave him some breathing treatments and took some X-rays and tests and then decided to admit him to the hospital for observation. The Dr. said he had Croup. So Mommy stayed with Jaysek in the hospital and Daddy took Jensyn home. It was a long night in the hospital, and neither Mommy or Jaysek got very much sleep. Sunday morning, Daddy dropped Jensyn off with Grandma and then came to the hospital. Jaysek was doing better and not coughing as badly. We met with the Dr. mid morning and he decided to discharge Jaysek. By noon we were out the door. It was a very scary night, that we don't care to relive anytime soon. Daddy and Jaysek were hanging out in hospital bed on Sunday morning.

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Nana said...

I think Jaysek looks a lot like his FATHER. I remember spending lots of days in the hospital with Jason and they can scare you to death. Hopefully he will be back to norm and you won't have to do that again.