May 20, 2008


Jaysek is like an old pro living in the hotel.

Mom gave Jensyn a bath today.

Baby don't have to much back.

Here Jensyn is getting her hearing tested. They put a tone in her ear and see if they can pick up the brain waves. She passed.

Caitlin's birthday was Monday and she has wanted to hold one of the kids for weeks. We didn't know if we were going to get Jaysek back.

We enrolled the kids in a growth study, every Monday they would get measured, weighed and like here their percent body fat measured. They also kept track of the nutrient intake.

Jaysek was measured for the last time today.

He also received a Dexa scan which measures bone density.


Leslie said...

Hi guys looks like everything is going well, they are getting so big. Hope you get to come home soon. The girls are anxiously awaiting to see them in person Jaime.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all,
What exciting news...glad everything is going so well and we so appreciate the updates and the amazing pictures of all of you. Jensyn and Jaycek are so precious! Can't wait to see them.
Take care.
P.S. Did you receive a package? :)