May 4, 2008


A Thank You From the 4 JW’s

The Weiss family would like to thank everyone who has been there for us during our time of uncertainties since the early arrival of the twins. The unbelievable amount of support that we have received since day one is almost more than we can comprehend. From the remarkable benefit (its organizers, helpers, donors and participants) to the endless cards, calls and emails. The simple words of THANK YOU can’t express the true feeling of appreciation we have for all of you.

As a family we don’t judge our wealth by the amount of monetary items we possess but by the amount of friends we have. During an event such as this, it proves what we already know - that we are the richest people in the world.

Thank You,
Jason, Jaime, Jaysek and Jensyn Weiss

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The Klumpe's said...

Love YA!