May 27, 2008


The kids are doing very well Jaysek is weighing in at 7lb 6oz and Jensyn is 5lb 13oz as of Friday the 29th. Jaysek no longer needs oxygen and Jensyn is only using it at night.

Um I think I'll take a nap.

Wednesday when the weather turned nice we took the kids on there first stroller ride.

The Preemie and the Michelin baby.
Jensyn and her cousin Jaylea Walgren. Jaylea is 10 months old and weighs 20lb.

Grandpa Rick and Jaysek

Uncle Calvie who is a chiropractor was giving everyone an adjustment and Jaysek didn't want to miss out. OK his was just pretending but it made for a good photo op.

Great Aunt Carolyn and Jensyn

Great aunt Cate and Jensyn

Cousin Shelby and Jensyn

Great Aunt Jeanie and Jaysek

Great aunt Mary and Jaysek

Good place for a nap.


Peyton's Place said...

I LOVE the first & the last pic! So precious! Gawd I'm glad you're all home!!

Anonymous said...

You all look like you are settling in quite well! I bet the stroller ride was so nice! A little fresh air for everyone!

Love, Jill, Adam, Kellen & Cooper

Wisconsin Huckabee's said...

It was great you were home and we got to see all of you. What a fun time ahead you have!

Anonymous said...

They're looking great!! Thanks for the updated :)

Anonymous said...

Your babies are precious. Wonderful to see you all home. Hugs! Stacy