April 18, 2008

2 weeks 1 day 4/17

Well a lot has happened since I posted last. They are both gaining weight very well Jensyn is up to 3 lb 5 oz and Jaysek is 3 lb 14 oz. When they reach 4 lb they will be removed from the incubator and placed in a bassinet. Jaysek is tolerating food well enough that today they removed his IV and is getting all of his nourishment from milk. Jensyn hasn't been as fortunate with her feeds. Yesterday they suspended feeds and started giving her some antibiotics. She has been showing signs of having an infection in her intestine. They have ran multiple tests and have taken a couple x-rays. If the test come back negative tomorrow they will start her back on her feeds.

Great grandpa and grandma Walgren finally got to come visit the little ones.

Great aunt Alice and Grandma Kathy checking out Jaysek

Grandpa Rex and Jaime looking in on Jensyn.
No thanks grandma I don't want the paci my thumb is working just fine.

Rex and Dr. Weiss agree that it is the best ever baby under the cover.

Dad do you see what this nurse is doing to your little girl???

They started dressing the kids. Jaime thinks it's cute. I think they have the rest of there lives to wear cloths, I say go naked as long as you can.

Jensyn looks pretty happy in her mothers arms.

What up my homeys?


Peyton's Place said...

Well, I of course agree with Jaime, it is adorable that they get to wear cute little outfits! But Joe totally agrees with you Jas. Then again, so does Peytie! (Does any of this surprise us?!)

We're so glad to hear that they're gaining weight. We're praying for Jensyn.

The Vrbas'

Klumpe's said...

Glad to see that they are both gaining weight - Love the pictures of all the family ~ Lottsa Love there!

Love Ya and Missen Ya, Glad we got to see ya early this week!


Anonymous said...

JW... you crack me up! I love the updates!
Love Ya! Kim