April 7, 2008

Sunday, Monday (4/6 & 4/7)

Sunday afternoon Jaime's blood pressure and liver enzymes started to rise again. So they gave her some blood pressure meds and we had to stay one more night. Monday morning they said things looked good enough to discharge her. She is very excited to be able to go outside and get some fresh air. We found an extended stay motel at a decent price just a few miles south of the hospital. The only problem is that we are no longer just down the hall from the kids.
Sunday Grampa Rick got to go see the kids.

Monday morning we had a pleasant surprise to see that Jensyn was doing good enough that they removed her CPAP and was put on a high flow cannula.

They also Removed her umbilical artery line so she able to be held.

By the look on her face I would say that's just what she needed.

Jaysek the wild man kept removing his own CPAP (or space pig mask as he calls it). So they let him go to a high flow cannula as well.


uncle tyler said...

Can't wait to see the little boogers. I hope i can make it up this weekend.
Uncle Tyler

Peyton's Place said...

Oh my gosh! How amazing! Those angels are just bound & determined to come home as soon as they can huh?! I'm so happy that Jaim finally got to hold Jensyn. And happy to hear you found a place to stay!

Loved the last comment on the last pic! Tell him to quit acting like his dad! (How does it feel Jas?) lol!

Love you guys, kisses & hugs from the Vrbas'

Klumpe's said...

Love the pictures! Hope to see ya all soon...we are sure missen ya back home!

Love Ya, Klumpe's

Wisconsin Huckabee's said...

It is just great how fast those two are coming along...just a sign of good genes! If you could send me an address there in Denver it would be great.

sarabardsley said...

We are so glad that Jamie, Jaysek and Jensyn are doing well. Those pictures of Jamie finally getting to hold them brought tears to my eyes. It brings back so many memories when Halle was born. They are fighters and will be home before you know it!

Tyson, Sara & Halle

The Hoskovec's said...

Jamie you look so happy in the picture of you holding Jensyn. It looks like the kids are fighting to come home. You are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to thank you for the great pictures....So nice to have the blog daily...How is Jaime doing? Rex had his lab today and we are thankful they again are normal. Grandma Sharon is here at the hospital for a lesion removal on her face - by Dr. Schiefen....She just went in to surgery... Love Kathy

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so happy and healthy! Can't wait till you come home!
Miss You Guys,
The Wiese's

Lindsay said...

I am so glad to see and hear you all are doing so well! It is amazing how fast they are growing and progressing. Can't wait until I can get back to visit them. Give them a hug and a kiss for me! Love Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Can these two little ones be any more precious! And to see Jaime holding them is priceless. Know that we are thinking of you and our prayers are with you all. How about a family picture sometime!? You have been so great about updating and putting up pictures so we can keep updated on the everyone's progress. Take care...love to you all.
Sandi & Dave

Dave Ja Vu said...

I cannot tell you how much we love these updates, guys! Jack and Amy and I gather round the desktop and just ooh and aah over your two little miracles. Jack just points and says 'baby' and 'more'.

We are so happy for you and glad you finally got to hold your little ones. What a wild ride this has been for you guys. (Just wait till they're mobile!)

Love you all,

Dave, Amy and Jack Parker