April 28, 2008

As a run of bad luck Jensyn's big IV went bad so she got one in her head again. It was just a couple days and now she is completely off her IV's

Great grandma Sharon rode along with Jaime last week for a couple days.

Jensyn taking a peek out.

Jaysek is doing well enough that they moved him out of his incubator and into a bassinet.

Jaysek hanging out.


Anonymous said...

They look great Jaime! Really look bigger than I know they probably are in person. I check in on you everday. It makes my day to see the wonderful progress they are making! Thank you for posting updates and pictures! The boys like to look at the pictures too. Everytime I open you blogspot Kellen says "those are little babies mom." I keep telling him I know but they are going to be big like him some day. ;)

Klumpe's said...

Glad to see the babies doing so well - can't wait till they get to come home!

Love YA & Miss Ya

Peyton's Place said...

Who took the 'peeking out' pic? Another good one! I love all the pics & am glad to hear they're continuing to do well. Can't wait to see them! (Joe & I are discussing a weekend coming up sometime soon...)

Luv you guys~

Anonymous said...

Jensyn and Jaysek look beautiful! How was your benefit? You have no idea how I wish we could have been there for ya.

I think of you everyday. Take care of yourself, Stacy