April 9, 2008


Today was another good day, Jaysek has been completely taken off of oxygen and Jensyn isn't to far behind him. They both are completely digesting food now and they started upping there amount today. It sounds like they should be on nothing but milk in less than a week.
Jensyn taking a cat nap.

The story of the first time I witnessed Jaysek smile: A couple days ago when Calvie came to visit us he told me a joke. What did the farmer say when he walked into the barn and saw brown chicken and a brown cow? Brown Chicken Brown Cow (say it fast to get the full adult film sound). Anyway as you are soon to find out it gets stuck in your head. I was holding Jaysek the next day and that tune came out. I said it to him and I'm pretty sure he smiled (that or it was just gas). The following day I was holding Jensyn and the tune tried to surface again but I just couldn't bring myself to say that to my little girl.


Dave Ja Vu said...

Thanks, Jason. That's stuck in my head now. And good call on NOT singing that to Jensyn...

We have a question though and I'm too lazy to go back through and read all your posts to find out: What do they weigh now?

Love the updates. We're obsessed with the JDubs (but not in a creepy way)!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have some really strong-willed children there who want to get home! Just wait until they turn 3 or 4!
Thanks for keeping us updated...we think about you often and it has become a daily ritual for Matt (he's 4) and I to 'check on the babies.'

Stay strong!
Michelle (and Matt too) Seeker

Peyton's Place said...

OMG! That is TOO funny! And you know me... it took Joe to finally sing it to me before I got it! And of course Jaysek smiled at it - he's got his dad's sense of humor too! Ha Ha!

Can't believe it's been a week... and man are they STRONG?! They definitely get that from their parents.

Luv you all!

Wisconsin Huckabee's said...

Ok 'dads', coming from a girl with 4 brothers, Jensyn would probably appreciate the joke more than her brother.
I too look forward to seeing the news everyday...
Aunt Carolyn

Dave Ja Vu said...

Are Jaysek's feet as big as they look in that picture!?