April 11, 2008


Last nights blood work showed that the kids bilirubin level droped so the lights were turned off for now. With lights being shut off they can now be swaddled, and that made them happier. They seem to be doing well with their feeds so every day they get more. It seems to be working, they are gaining weight. Jensyn is just below her birth weight at 2.13 lb and Jaysek is right at his birth weight of 3.6 lb. With everyday they are becoming more alert and active.

Jensyn all wrapped up like a little burrito.

Jensyn was doing well so they removed her cannula.
Even being wrapped up Jaysek is still finding a way to get out.

We forced uncle Calvie to hold Jaysek and he took to it like a duck to water.

Today Jaysek found his tongue, he was sticking it out and grabbing onto it. While Calvie was holding him he would stick out his tongue then smile.

Jensyn and mom spending a little quality time.

They both looked content.


Klumpe's said...

SOOOO CUTE can't wait till they are home!

Lots of Love from Palisade - Missen Ya!

The Klumpe's

Anonymous said...

What cuties. They sound like they are doing great. Calvin looks like he would make a great babysitter. Jaime looks so happy. I check your blog about every day. It is great to see them getting stronger. When do they think you will be out of the hospital. Due date? love, Kristi

Peyton's Place said...

Awwww, they look so much more comfortable being swaddled! WOW, Uncle Calvie looks like a natural too! ;o)

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable, can't wait until you are all home!
Luv to All,
Shad & Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi! Jensyn looks so laid back and comfy, Jaysek looks like "let me out of here"! So precious.

You haven't missed much at work Jason, it has been snowy and wet, so guys are working on trucks and things. Can't wait to see your kids! By the way I had to ask Russell about the brown chicken brown cow! Josie