April 29, 2008


To those of you who didn't know, on April 26th some friends of ours from Palisade hosted a benefit for us in Wauneta. It was a very humbling act for us. The event included an Indian taco\sopaipilla feed and an auction. They rounded up all kinds of donations for the auction and matching funds from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and Modern Woodmen of America. The funds that were raised was way more than what anyone had expected. They raised around $22000.
Karla, Derek and Kari manning the bid number table.

The two pregnant ladies Sarah and Nicole taking money at the door. Notice the brown chicken and brown cows on the shirts.

The kitchen Crew.
Bill, Shad and Gary

Look at all the food that was prepared.

The food was so good Rex had to use multiple plates.

The palisade crew watching the auction.

Marilyn, Russell and Jerry taking a break before the show starts.

Rodney, Derek and Russell running the auction

The amount of donations and people that attended the event was very over whelming. The Brown Chicken Brown Cow crew did an unbelievable job. THANK YOU to everyone.

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Peyton's Place said...

Awwww, it was SOOO much fun helping out our friends. And SOOO worth it. You guys are most certainly welcome & I'm sure I speak for the ENTIRE 'brown chicken brown cow' crew! LOL!

Luv you guys...