April 3, 2008

While mom rest dad will play

Everyone is doing good today. Last night they took Jensyn off her respirator, then this afternoon they took Jaysek off his. So they are breathing on there own with a little help from a cpap. Jaime got off her meds at noon and is coming around very well. She got to go down and see the babies today it was a very happy time for her.

While mom was recovering dad got to feed Jensyn

Proud Papa holding his big boy for the first time

Jaime finally got to go down and see her little angels.


Jason, Heidi, Kade & Karlie said...

I love to see that big smile on Jaime's face! Keep growing strong 'lil ones!!

Hugs from NEBRASKA!!!

Peyton's Place said...

Ohhhhh... how sweet! Jason - you look like a natural! Such a proud Daddy! And Jaime - you look SO good! And happy! I miss you guys so much & can't wait for you & your little angels to be home! I'm so relieved to hear that they are doing so well! They truly are a miracle aren't they?!

Peytie keeps asking me when she can see those cuties! ;o)

All our love,
The Vrbas'

Anonymous said...

They are sooo little! I'll bet it was great for you both to see them! And Jason for you to hold him...I'll bet that was a moment, huh?! Takes my breat away just to think about it! Jaime's anxious to hold them too, I'm sure!

More hugs from NEBRASKA!


Leslie said...

Glad to see you are getting to hold them. Take care you guys!!!
your friends
The Lee family

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the good news. I have been waiting all day! They look so precious, I can't wait to meet them. We are here for you if you need ANYTHING! Thanks for the updates and all the wonderful pictures. See you soon! Amy

MO's Pen said...

See Jason ....Its allright to be Little Bitty.....I am soo glad that Jaime can finally go see them...All I keep thinkin is WOW look at that head of hair !!!!

Anonymous said...

Jason, thank you for updating the blog. You know we are all thinking of you every minute and the pictures are amazing! Your children are so very lucky to have wonderful parents.

Hugs to Jaime - you look great :)

Stacy and Matt Cutinella

Mindy said...

Awww, I got teary eyed looking at the pictures and thinking about how exciting it had to be for BOTH of you to hold them and to have such little miracles in your lives! I am so proud of you guys and so happy for you!!!! Can't wait to see all of you when you get back!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how exciting. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. What cute little names for your cute little babies!! Take care.
Love, The Clevengers

Anonymous said...

Great job everyone. I have been thinking about you everyday. I am so happy to see you both as parents of these sweet little babies and I am so happy that Jaime is healthy. Jaime you are such a strong mommy you did a great job. We are keeping you in our prayers and I hope you all cherish these first few months they will go by fast. Jason it is so sweet the way you have written about all that has happened, you are going to be a great daddy. Love ya, Kristi, Alex and girls

Anonymous said...

We have been praying for you guys and are very happy to hear that they are getting stronger every day. I am glad to hear that they are breathing on their own already. They must be very strong willed little Weiss's. Take care and thanks for keeping us updated.

Love Shannon, Sandy and kids

The Sandman Squad said...

Awww...How sweet it is to welcome such sweet little ones to the world!! We are happy to hear that they are here and we are all anxiously awaiting their arrival back home in a few weeks. We will continue to send prayers of continued growth and superb health for Jaysek and Jensyn. And many congrats to you both!!