April 1, 2008

Dr Weiss Stopped in for a visit. He's been a Damn good brother.
His biggest concern after Jaime and the babies health is that he's afraid they are going to be Buff fans. Beings they will be born in the University of Colorado hospital.


Anonymous said...

Gee Huck was worried that my boys were going to be born in NE! Happy Birthday Jason, 30 is a good time for babies! Carolyn

Peyton's Place said...

Happy 30th Birthday Jason!! We're looking forward to hearing some news today!!! Love you guys!

Klumpe's said...

I see Sarah beat us to it but Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!!! Love You guys - anxiously awaiting your updates!!!

Love YA!

MO's Pen said...

Happy Birthday Jason !!!!!
We are praying for Jaime, the babies and that they will not be Buff fans!!! Let us know if there is anything we can do!!! Denver is just a short distance when there are babies involved. Love You guys!!!