April 12, 2008


Jaysek is happy just hanging out. Do you see his new tattoo? The Dr put some stuff on his belly button to help it dry up and it spread out onto his belly. It doesn't hurt and it will eventually wash off.

Mom changing one of many of Jensyn's diaper.

Jensyn gave us a little scare today. She was having a problem keeping food down. So they took an x-ray of her belly(I should have gotten some pics). It all came back good. The Dr thought maybe they were giving her a little to much so they backed her feeds off. Tonight when we went to check on them she was looking better.


Anonymous said...

Jason & Jaime, I will soon be sending a card, but wanted you to know I check in on the 4 of you every day, so please keep the pictures coming - I love seeing and hearing about the babies' progress. I am very impressed to hear you are pumping - just a hint, a glass of wine or beer in the evening helps with the supply - keep up what you are doing. If you need someone to use as a sounding board, please feel free to call, even if it is in the middle of the night!! (308-278-2334)I am very proud of you two and your positive attidtude. You have been given two beautiful, little miracles. We are all praying for you. All my best. RanDee

Peyton's Place said...

That has got to be the SWEETEST picture. (Of Jensyn holding mama's finger.) How precious!

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Sure keeping the four of you close in thought and prayer and appreciate the updates and pics!-The Wellman family

Anonymous said...

she is a beatiful baby. i hope everything is goes good for you guys. cause i know how it is. my first son was born with 2 holes in his heart and his right thumb doesnt work and it does move cause there is a bone missing. the holes are still there so i live day by day worring about it. well i will pray for you all.