April 13, 2008


Today was a big day of visitors

Uncle Tyler rode along with Grandma Linda to be able to see his first niece and nephew.

Grandma Linda finally got to hold her grand baby Jensyn.

Great grandpa and grandma, Raymond and Bernita made the journey with Linda as well.

Grandma Bernita checking out what she called the little miracles.

Being a cattle man proud grandpa Raymond was glad to hear they have a good rate of gain.

Great aunt and uncle, Mary and Pat stopped by to say hi.

The only unhappy campers today were cousins Hanna and Shelby who the door Nazi would not let back to see the babies because they are too young. Sorry girls.

1 comment:

Dave Ja Vu said...

Okay, I love the pic of Grandpa Raymond very carefully looking in through the plastic at the babies. That's just a great photo...

And Grandma Linda being able to finally hold the babies was very cute too.